Carbon 4 Team

Carbon 4 Team

When choosing us, you’ll be working with a team of experts who developed the cutting-edge technology and introduced it to the market.

Of course, there are many other heating engineers worldwide. But slowly, one by one, these people start to become our partners. It took years, but we’re finally here: Thermodynamics of infrared heaters with low-temperature and low voltage are being understood and accepted.

Panels, marble, convection and of course night storage heaters are simply not efficient enough for a healthy, sustainable and green future.

Michael Plasch, Astrid Simon and Dr. Andreas Hild are the core team of our company. They have been to thousands of houses, tried hundreds of different heat paint mixtures and have spent countless hours in our laboratory.

Rely on professionals if you want to install the most important system in your house or flat: Your heating system.


Safety and competition

Naturally our technologies are copyrighted.

For the insulation plaster as well as for the heat paint exist utility models.
Each detail of our technique is patented.

This is why we ask our competitors not to copy us or to try doing so.
First of all we would like to welcome everyone as a partner within our ranks. We help young companies to get established in the market and help established traditional business to obtain their position. But we simply will not allow anyone to copy us.

We want every competitor to know the following:

Lots of experience is needed to not only create our heat paint, but also to apply it properly by doing the correct math. This is where we save the money of our costumers – we already have the knowledge needed.

There is a great deal to be considered when using our product:
The physics of the heater, different houses and surfaces for which you need the right tools to measure everything correctly…

Better for all our competitors not to compete with us but to join our team. We provide fair prices for all potential partners.

Partners abroad

Worldwide we are looking for bilingual/multilingual partners abroad with whom we can meet customer requests from everywhere.

Especially in Europe we already have partners for nearly every country, but of course we would love to close the remaining gaps. And, as mentioned above,  we don’t want to focus on Europe alone. Our ambitions are global. We want to establish our partner-system in all the countries we are working with to ensure all requests can be handled. Please contact Ingo Wolf if you are interested in starting a partnership with us. We have excellent training facilities including a congress center of our own.

Partners in the craft itself

Many firms/companies are already partners and work on orders we received to install heat mats and heat paint.

In Europe we are looking especially for people working in the field of dry construction, painting, electricity and (of course) heating installation, who would like to get access to the market of heat and insulation wall plaster and mainly heat paint. You will receive a professional training and a certification for the installation of our heat systems.

In addition, you’ll have full access to a virtual university on www.infrarot-uni.com. Here you can learn and easily revise yourself from wherever you are the most important facts about selling, the process and areas of application of our heating systems.

Please contact us for the conclusion of a partner contract. Aside from the training you will have no further costs, because we are happy to take care of all the necessary further steps (like your own website and media work) for you. More information about the training can be found here: www.carbon-4-training.com.  

You will be ensured very good commissions and percentages when helping us to revolutionize the heating market!


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