Development of radiant heating

Development of radiant heating

In the beginning, there was fire. The first and most natural radiant heateralong with the sun and its rays. The infrared light of our heat paint is placed in the same radiation belt of our own bodies. It can’t be more healthy than that.

The most advanced heating systems – heat paints - make use of these infrared rays.

In the last few years the heating market has experienced incredible progress. Starting with convection heaters we moved on to radiant heating where we long surpassed the old marble based products with porcelain surfaced panels.
And then all these systems were replaced by the newer products.

Now we are about to make a last development – at least for the time being. The radiant low voltage heating simply by applying our legally patented product.

Many years of experience. Hundreds of customers who already tested our invention and a lot of different mixtures have helped us to find the perfect ideal paint which spreads the heat in a perfect and incredibly efficient and economical way.

Actually we are pretty sure, that the heating and insulation industry in its present form has come to an end. Let us embrace something new, more sustainable and more efficient. 



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Development of radiant heating