Lowest consumption

Lowest consumption

Actually, our heat paint holds a world record: It’s the system with the lowest consumption needed to heat with a constant temperature.

Having years of experience, we learned that it is most efficient to locate the heat paint in the coldest parts of a room. The new spread-out paint should cover an area as big as possible. By using modern technology we figured that a bigger and well spread-out paint results in a very low consumption while still heating the room enough.

As a result the differences in temperature between the heater and the outside walls are very small and therefore nearly no heat at all vanishes into the surrounding. This is why our heat paint is way more efficient than any other heating system.  

The heater has it’s low consumption because the walls start to dry out and form an effective insulation. In addition, infrared heats the objects in a room, which is perfect when you need some fresh air and open a window. With our system, the energy and heat won’t get lost because it simply does not affect the air but only the objects.

Furthermore it is a perfect weapon against mould and rising humidity. The magic word for this technique is called capillary action which shows itself when using the heat paint. The humidity inside the walls will not only evaporate, but also be prevented from creeping in again by a counter pressure. 

As already mentioned, the air is not affected, which means you can open the window at any time and there will be nearly no loss of warmth because the leaving air is not the energy carrier as it is in convection heaters. Air is diathermic. As a human, the radiation heating will warm you from all sides equally, even when airing the room.
Sill, the air will feel more fresh and easy to breathe in – so the positive effects of opening a window won’t go away..



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Lowest consumption