Revolutionary heating technology

Revolutionary heating technology

Our forecast:

In less then 12 years there will be no more convection heaters. We are living in a time where technology and knowledge are ever-increasing every second.  Taking part in this change is the heating market which is developing with incredible speed. Be part of this development.
Help us to protect nature sustainability by heating efficiently and healthily.

Why are we talking about a revolution here? Well – our company has been inventing heating systems for years now and has always used the newest systems and latest technologies. With this new and proven heat paint we have created a perfect solution for every heating situation.  

If you break it down, it’s just two simple steps:
Laying out the copper tracks and covering the wall with our revolutionary heat paint - and it’s done. With our knowhow it is as simple as it is genius.

Please contact us if you’re interested in our product (no matter if you’re a potential costumer or want to start a partnership).
Let us prove that it won’t take long until you are going to be a passionate advocate of the heat paint yourself. This is what we want and we do not promise anything less.

Your Carbon 4 development team


Development of radiant heating

In the beginning, there was fire. The first and most natural radiant heateralong with the sun and its rays. The infrared light of our heat paint is placed in the same radiation belt of our own bodies. It can’t be more healthy than that.

The most advanced heating systems – heat paints - make use of these infrared rays.

In the last few years the heating market has experienced incredible progress. Starting with convection heaters we moved on to radiant heating where we long surpassed the old marble based products with porcelain surfaced panels.
And then all these systems were replaced by the newer products.

Now we are about to make a last development – at least for the time being. The radiant low voltage heating simply by applying our legally patented product.

Many years of experience. Hundreds of customers who already tested our invention and a lot of different mixtures have helped us to find the perfect ideal paint which spreads the heat in a perfect and incredibly efficient and economical way.

Actually we are pretty sure, that the heating and insulation industry in its present form has come to an end. Let us embrace something new, more sustainable and more efficient. 


What is it that gives Carbon 4 the right to say that it is us – in the huge world of heaters and heating technologies - who are selling the best product.

Well, it’s simple:

Our happy and satisfied customers and our huge development team. Engineers, physicists and test consumers got together to create the perfect heating system. Before that even we had to work with huge panels, stone heaters and tried lots of different geometrics.

We don’t just invent and develop heating systems – we live them. Get to know us and become part of a community that is always open for new solutions which will do their little part in saving our beautiful planet!

By inventing the new heat paint it became possible to create a heating system that combines low consumption, being healthy and strikes with incredible durability but still is amazingly handy and easy to use.

Long live the heat paint!

Lowest consumption

Actually, our heat paint holds a world record: It’s the system with the lowest consumption needed to heat with a constant temperature.

Having years of experience, we learned that it is most efficient to locate the heat paint in the coldest parts of a room. The new spread-out paint should cover an area as big as possible. By using modern technology we figured that a bigger and well spread-out paint results in a very low consumption while still heating the room enough.

As a result the differences in temperature between the heater and the outside walls are very small and therefore nearly no heat at all vanishes into the surrounding. This is why our heat paint is way more efficient than any other heating system.  

The heater has it’s low consumption because the walls start to dry out and form an effective insulation. In addition, infrared heats the objects in a room, which is perfect when you need some fresh air and open a window. With our system, the energy and heat won’t get lost because it simply does not affect the air but only the objects.

Furthermore it is a perfect weapon against mould and rising humidity. The magic word for this technique is called capillary action which shows itself when using the heat paint. The humidity inside the walls will not only evaporate, but also be prevented from creeping in again by a counter pressure. 

As already mentioned, the air is not affected, which means you can open the window at any time and there will be nearly no loss of warmth because the leaving air is not the energy carrier as it is in convection heaters. Air is diathermic. As a human, the radiation heating will warm you from all sides equally, even when airing the room.
Sill, the air will feel more fresh and easy to breathe in – so the positive effects of opening a window won’t go away..

Easy physics

The paint works similar to carbon fiber mats. The resistance depends on the thickness of the material. The current flow depends on the resistance and the voltage. Therefore, the surface temperature depends on the current flow and the warmth in the room depends on the time the heater is used with the current flow.

The efficiency of the heater can be easily calculated by multiplying current flow and voltage. Efficiency multiplied with the activation time equals the energy which is equivalent to the warmth in the same unit.

We use transformers to ensure the heater gets all the power it needs. They run on very low voltage, which makes it possible to drill nails through the paint or to put in new sockets without any problems – the paint will continue to do its work.

On surfaces with a good warmth conductivity a special insulation plaster is applied. This combination has proven especially useful on concrete.

The heating paint has nearly unlimited durability, needs no maintenance at all and will save you enormous amounts of energy. NOW is the time for you to switch!!!


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Revolutionary heating technology